There are many gadgets and tools that make life easier, and every job becomes even more of a pleasure when you have the right tools. This is particularly the case with patchwork and quilting. Rulers, templates and rotary cutters have transformed the craft, there are fabric and project appropriate markers, creasers, needles and pins, specialist scissors for threads, applique, patchwork and dressmaking, bias tapes, bias makers and bias bars, the list is endless.

Importantly, we only stock the tools that we would use ourselves. This is the essential equipment that really does work and is not a gimmick. We can also then advise and guide you as we have them in our own quilting cupboards. As an example, we sell lots of Dresden Plate rulers. They really provide everything they should and we love them, so can confidently enthuse over them. We get just as excited over chalk markers and the Micro Stitch, in fact anything that actually works, and we don’t stock them if they don’t!