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Pfaff Smarter 260c Blog

Pfaff Smarter 260c Blog

Pfaff Smarter 260c Blog.


With so many people taking up sewing throughout the Covid pandemic, now might just be the time to treat yourself to a new Sewing Machine, or at least pop one on your Christmas list to Santa!

Sewing Machines have been in such high demand over the last few months, and delivery has been taking longer, so stock has been limited…however dare I say I, they are now starting to arrive!

Yesterday we took stock of some Pfaff Smarter 260c machines. These are fantastic machines. They are heavy enough not to vibrate as you sew with them, but light enough to pick up to take to classes and such like and they come with a hard cover!

The Smarter 260c has 27 stitches to choose from, including buttonhole. It is the perfect starter machine for dressmaking or quilting, and we sell a lot to textiles students as well. It has a built-in needle threader and you can easily adjust any of the stitches width or length, so your options are endless.

The majority of the optional extra feet fit the 260c machine, so you can let your imagination run wild with feet such as beading, or couching to make your projects even more interesting!

Coming in at £326 with a 2 year full warranty and us on hand if you ever get stuck with anything, now is definitely the time to buy your shiny new machine, ready for cosy winter nights designing your new projects!

Taking Care of your Soul

Taking Care of your Soul through Stitching

Looking after your Mental Health – a blog about taking care of your soul.



Mental health is so hot in the press at the moment, and is being covered in the soaps, with coronation street dealing with male suicide amongst others.


I don’t know about you, but I have found it really hard to watch, but yet I am so pleased they use the platform they have to address such vital issues that are a reality for too many families. Story lines like this get me thinking, about my own wellbeing, the health of my children, family and friends. I think its so important to talk. Open up to someone, anyone. I do think this is easier said than done though, for so many people isolation becomes their best friend and yet their worst enemy. I am no doctor, but I am human and have struggled. Practising mindfulness seems to be a fashionable thing to do now and whilst I think it is an amazing tool, it is hard to master (trust me I try) but to tell an anxious mind to be quiet is like telling a two year old to stop having a tantrum in the middle of Tesco! – it takes patience and more patience, something an anxious mind doesn’t always have heaps of, so persevere with it.


There are so many practical things you can do, which focuses your mind on a task in hand, therefore not asking you to focus on the now with breath but achieves the same result with focus. Sewing is one of them it takes you away from your thoughts, from the dark, from the anxious grip. I find hand sewing works well, so I always have a red work piece on the go, nice and simple – following lines with a running stitch, I’m not asking my brain to tackle hard patterns or intricate designs at a time I’m trying to get it to rest, nor am I having to concentrate too hard. After a few minutes it has got my attention and I can feel everything calming down, after half an hour or so the adrenaline stops coursing through at the speed of lightening and I can breathe again. The logical part of my brain starts to work again, and yes, I feel calmer (and I’ve achieved something).


I can write about my anxiety and share it with people in blog form, as the writing in itself is calming, you ask me to discuss it in person the embarrassment kicks in, god knows why, as I certainly wouldn’t be embarrassed if I had broken my leg, or hurt myself in an accidental fashion, but for some reason my brain not quite being in zen with the rest of my body is something to be ashamed of, the confident, stubborn woman in me wants to be different to that, I want to be the person that stands up for what’s right and tell people there is no shame in struggle, because there isn’t. But like anyone I have my hang up’s and this is one of them, I wish it wasn’t. However, it is manageable and there is so much you can do to help yourself, even when you feel you can’t reach out to talk to someone, learn to sew, knit or crochet – after all what’s the worst that can happen? You might not make a master piece in your own eyes the first time you try but you’ll have got through another hard half an hour and your body will thank you for it.


I have realised through the years, there is only so much bleach a bathroom can take, only so many times you can mop a floor in a day to distract yourself from your feelings, and equally there is only so many times you can temporarily hide under your duvet before it starts to feel too comfortable under there, that in itself is a scary place to be.


‘Sewing mends the Soul’ A quote I heard the other day, that resonated with me in so many ways. When I look back over some of my work I know I did from a difficult period its empowering as I’ve turned it around, into a small achievement of some description.

Becky x

Reg's Renditions July 2019

I have been ambushed into making a few comments to accompany our new programme and newsletter. So here goes:


I remember my father once advising me not to look back as you cannot influence the past, you may, however, be able to exert some control over the future.

Whilst understanding the sentiment it is impossible not to sometimes think "what if?" With this in mind I was reflecting recently that it is now 18 months since we moved from Loughborough to our new home in East Leake. At that time we were all excited but a little apprehensive. I believe we all agree it was the right move at the right time.

One thing that has impressed me is the community spirit among the Traders, Businesses and Residents which is so evident in the village.

We hope we have, in some small way added to the diversity of the village and can play our part in ensuring that the various events continue to thrive.


One of the reasons for our move was the need for more space which has been more than fulfilled by our present premises as we now have two teaching areas for the range of workshops that we run (take a look at our current programme) We are delighted that so many of our cstomers from Loughborough still attend and equally that many from the village and surrounding area have joined us. We like to think that as well as learning a new skill or perfecting interests you already have, there is a strong social aspect.


I'll finish as i used to with a bit of nonsense (no comments please)

Question: What is a Harrier?

Answer: Someone who is more like Harry than Harry.


Till next time


Our First Exhibition in East Leake!


We are now relaxing slightly after our charity exhibition which took place over the last weekend in October, we were a little apprehensive having always held it at the Parsih Church in Loughborough, and hoped that people would support us in our new venue, and thankfully, it was a success. Wen we moved to East Leake, we wanted to become part of the village community and therefore holding the exhibition at The Academy on Lantern Lane, made perfect sense. We were able to hire a huge hall and there was plenty of free parking. In addition, we hoped that it would bring several hundred people into the village and we were not disappointed. We had three lovely days and despite torrential rain on the Saturday, we still had lots of visitors who were encouraged to have a walkabout as we had a quilt trail with several shops displaying quilts in their windows. We raised £2346.89 with the profits being divided between Asthma & Allergy Research charities, a £750 donation to the ELPFC, East Leake Playing Fields Charity. A HUGE Thank you to everyone who helped make the occasion such a triumph!

The Festive season is upon us....

With Christmas round the corner, everyone seems to be stitching like mad to get all those promised presents finished in time for the big day. Children are counting the sleeps down, and if you are as mad as me you have an naughty elf on the shelf to remember to move every evening! With all of this and shopping to do as well, it certainly is a busy time of year. I'm lucky enough to still have young children at home who remind me of the magic of the festive season, and though it's exhausting repeating the answer to the 'how many sleeps is it mummy!' lots of times through any given day, it reminds me what Christmas is all about in our house. I am sewing like crazy trying to finish four Christmas stockings and Santa and Rudolph mats for the children and we have had a mad rush on our Christmas kits, patterns and panels as others do the same. There is still time!! I sew in the evenings mainly, and find a glass of wine helps with the late nights stitching (My applique Santa might be on the wonky side due to the wine though!).

Unfortunatly this year, politics is definately taking the edge off the Christmas spirit as we frantically decide which party to vote for to get the best outcome for our children, family and country. I sit handstitching the binding on a table runner that should have been finished last week! Watching the debates and the news hoping for a lightbulb moment, instead i feel i will have to vote with my gut instinct and keep everything crossed for a brighter future in the years to come. I hope none of you feel as utterly confused as i do.

The last few weeks here at QCC have seen an influx of Christmas kits being made and sold and we love seeing your creations! There are going to be some amazingly dressed tables this Christmas day. We hope your families love your handmade quilts and more, I always love a handmade gift as it is made with such love. We still have a few Christmas kits left in the shop for table runners, quilts and more as well as some felt kits that the children can help make for decorations. So pop in, there is still time to create a master piece for someone you love, or to add to the festive decor in your own home. The kits also make wonderful gifts, as they are beautifully packaged in boxes with ribbon.

We know Christmas can be a very hard time of year for a lot of people and they can hopefully find comfort with their families, friends or hobbies. We think of you all, and all of the staff here would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.


Christmas Cards

We recently asked, via Facebook, for anyone who wished, to drop off their Christmas cards as we were doing a recycling project. Our message was shared on the village website and the response has been fantastic! We will have enough cards to help Una do a Christmas craft with the children from the village in the Autumn which is fabulous so, a huge Thank you to everyone who took the time to drop their cards into us. They are being put to very good use and pictues will be on our facebook page very soon.

What's New?? January 2020

We began our season of workshops and courses on 4th January, as always, it is lovely to welcome friends, old and new. As usual, fabric has been arriving, and we always gt so excited unpacking the boxes. We have just taken delivery of the new collection of 'Guess How Much I Love You', plus Stilletto from Moda in shaes of grey, black, cream and tan. We also hae 'Memoirs' from Thee Sisters, also Moda, and of course, we cannot forget the little ones; there is a nursery collection, 'Sweet Dreams' depicting cute sheep in lovely colours. Any day now we should receive a beautfiul Japanese inspired collection, 'Norum', 'Sunny Bee' which depicts sunflowers and bumble bees and a new collection from Tilda. These are just some of the many collections winging their way here over the net few weeks, culminating in the new designs from Liberty, 'Winterbourne', which is Liberty Fabrics latest quilting collection. Winterbourne House, draws inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement - a creative period from c. 1860-1910 when English designers led a return to high quality, hadcrafted pieces, creating elegantly stylised interpretations of botanical and historic motifs. Inspired by an exquisite Arts and Crafts period house, the collection draws upon the interior and the family who once lived there. Traditionally screen printed onto Lasenby cotton 'The Winterbourne Collection' is available in three complimentary colour ways, offering subtle hues of pinks, greens and neutrals to contrast rich berry and navy, ready for you to craft your own master works, and there will be kits and patterns to give you inspiration.

Customer Information regarding the Coronavirus

We would like to keep you informed of our plans with regards to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are all unsure how long this outbreak might last, and we know that none of us want to stay at home for weeks or possibly months, therefore we are following government guidelines and trying our best to provide a safe environment for you to visit.

Our opening hours remain the same and we don't anticipate any immediate disruption. That said, we do have a small team so in the event that we are short-staffed and have to make a last minute change we will report it on our website and social media. Please feel free to call ahead if you are making a special trip.


We have no current plans to cancel upcoming classes until the Department of Health states otherwise. If this changes, we will contact you immediately and post updates on social media. Until further notice, our existing class policies apply.

If the situation changes and all workshops have to be cancelled, you will receive a full refund or you can transfer the money to a future class.


We will continue to take orders over the telephone or via our website whilst the post office services and carriers are still operating. Additionally, we may be able to deliver ourselves if the customer lives within a five mile radius.


The health and safety of our customers and staff is very important to us. We are taking the following precautions:

- Ensuring that our till area and community spaces, tables, sewing machines, tools and surfaces including stairway handrails and door handles are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day and after each class.

- Providing hand washing facilities for staff and customers.

- Sanitising the card machine and till regularly throughout the day.

- Encouraging staff to follow government guidelines with regard to their health and staying home if advised.


If you feel unwell or have any symptoms, we respectfully ask that you do not visit our shop or attend a workshop. If this means that you miss a workshop, we will send any patterns and instructions to you plus any materials you may need, so you can sew at home.


Finally, we would like to wish everyone the best of health. These are extremely unsettling times and we all need to do our very best to look after everyone and ourselves.

We need to be totally committed to government guidelines and help to prevent the spread of this awful virus to those who are most vulnerable.


Thank you.



Newsletter April 2020

I began to write this Newsletter in the second week of March and so much has drastically changed in such a short time; we all seem to be in a state of shock, not quite believing what has happened. I will begin again.

Thank goodness for the daffodils, even though some of those are nearly past their best!


Last week seemed a little easier, we could get into the gardens and enjoy the sunshine, but the cold weather has returned and I for one, am definitely a ‘Fair Weather Gardener’. Thank goodness for sewing, knitting, in fact any hobby to occupy our minds and our time. I have even got a jigsaw on the go. Having two dogs means that we have to get out, and I always feel the benefit when we do, but last week, motivation was in short supply. I think we needed to adjust to the fact that we have stopped, and it has not been as easy as we thought it might be. It is definitely not like a holiday, but we can put our time to good use.

ISOLATION WEEK TWO. Yesterday, as some of you may be aware, was the first day of my sharing ‘my workspace’ with Adrian…that is space in my Sewing Sanctuary, which is a lovely converted garage in the garden. He is sensibly working from home and thought it would be nice if we worked together in the same room, and I have to say, it is okay. He’s not used to me singing, badly, along to Ed Sheeran and Coldplay whilst I’m working, and I’m not used to his phone ringing constantly. I know it is early days and if he can accept that I’m not here to make endless cups of tea, I think we will be fine……as long as he tidies up after himself. In fairness, the dogs take up more room than he does.

BECKY AND I have been into the shop today to deliver to anyone who is local, and post out if we can’t get to you. Not essential in the grand scheme of things, like food, medicine, or possibly gin, but we all know the frustration of wanting to finish a project and running out of fabric or thread. To be honest, if I didn’t have my hobby, I don’t know how I would be coping; I think I would be even more difficult to live with! If you need anything, please let us know. We are hoping to put more projects on line for you to see, and if you were unaware, Becky has started a Facebook group for all of us. If you go to the Quorn Country Crafts Facebook page, the Quorn Country Crafts Community Crafting Group in pinned to the top. Ask to join and Becky will do the rest. You can then share your isolation sewing and crafting pictures and ideas, and see what everyone else is doing. There has been some wonderful UFO’s finished, new projects started and completed, and some inappropriate jokes that do bring a smile. If, like me, motivation is a little difficult sometimes, maybe seeing what other people are doing, will spur you on.

LEARN A NEW CRAFT. With YouTube, it seems as if anything is possible, it certainly helped me to get to grips with a crochet hook. I’m still not great at it, but together with a book entitled ‘A Child’s introduction to Crochet’, I’m determined to get better and hopefully create a Granny Square with four corners and not five. Tapestry and Cross Stitch are very relaxing as is knitting. My favourite hand sewing projects at the minute are embroidery and Old English Paper Piecing, where you tack fabric to paper shapes, most commonly hexagons, and sew them together. If we can help with any of these ides, please get in touch.

N.B. All is not lost, apparently Kirstie Allsopp if offering ideas to ‘Craft your way through the Corona Virus’ Children, you have not been forgotten. We are working on some craft ideas just for you.


Newsletter April 2020 Cont

HELPING BY STITCHING We have ladies who are making brightly coloured surgical hats from 100% cotton for the hospitals. If you would like the pattern, please let us know and we will e-mail it to you. Project Linus will still need your quilts. If you would like to make a quilt for this very worthy charity, please check their webpage for details of sizes and designs I am sure there are many other ways we can help, and as soon as they are bought to our attention, we will pass on the details.

CANCELLATIONS & rescheduled dates. Many people have contacted us regarding this years’ exhibitions. So far, we understand that Quilts UK has been rescheduled for 18 July to 21 July 2020, as usual at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern Worcestershire. If the situation regarding Coronavirus has changed and there is an opportunity to go, we will look at possibly taking a bus nearer the time. There has been no announcement regarding the Festival of Quilts 2020 as yet, but as this is ever changing situation, we have to wait and see. The Knitting and Stitching Shows at Alexandra Palace and Harrogate are later in the year and we do not expect to hear about them until much nearer the time.  

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has been in touch with lovely cards, flowers and messages of support. This is a worrying time for all of us, but nothing is more important than the health of our family and friends. We are optimistic that we will get through this, and hope to use the time so we can come back, bigger and better than ever. Please all take care, keep safe, wash your hands and stay at home. We will definitely be back sharing our isolation experiences over a cup of coffee and cake. Keep busy and please, if you need anything, let us know. If we can help, we will. Love and best wishes to you and your families from everyone at Quorn Country Crafts.

Quorn Country Crafts, Parkside Works, Gotham Road, East Leake, Leicestershire LE12 6JG Tel: 01509 211604

Open Monday to Saturday, 9.30am-4pm. Temporarily closed to visitors until further notice



Good News…Quorn Country Crafts are opening their doors from June 15th in line with government guidance. Obviously there have been some changes, as we have been working hard to make shopping here safe for us all.

We will be open for you to shop on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday from 10am-3pm. We will also offer half- hour appointments on these days between 9am-10am if you would prefer to shop alone. Between 10am-3pm, we will restrict how many customers we can have in the shop so you may have a short wait. The door will be closed; please ring the bell when you arrive.

We ask that you wear a mask. We will be wearing them ourselves. If you do not have one, we can provide one for a small cost that will go to our local charity.

Hand Sanitiser is provided throughout the shop. We ask that you use it when you first come in, and when you leave. Exiting the shop will be via another door so you are not passing on the stairs.

When browsing we will provide as much help as you need. We appreciate that this will not be the shopping experience that we are used to as we are asked not to touch everything, but we feel that we can provide a safe environment. Hand rails, door handles etc. will be sanitised throughout the day. Unfortunately, we cannot offer toilet facilities.

Appointments are available 9am-9.30am, and 9.30am-10am each day, where you can shop alone. We appreciate that this will give added confidence to this strange shopping experience.

These must be booked by telephone: 01509 211604

Sewing machine sales will continue as normal, but we ask that you make an appointment to have a demonstration so we can operate safely. These appointments can take place any time between 10am-3pm. If you have already decide what sewing machine or overlocker you wish to purchase, we can arrange delivery.

Sewing machine servicing is also continuing as normal with collection being on Fridays and we endeavour to complete the work within a week.

Going forward, we will be reviewing the situation at the end of June to see if we need to make any alterations to our opening hours. This is a changing situation and we need to adapt accordingly. Full details of any changes will be sent via e-mail and information will be on our web page and via Social Media.

We will continue to offer both a collection and delivery service for the foreseeable future. This has worked extremely well during Lockdown, and you can place you orders either over the telephone or via the website, thereby continuing to have contactless shopping.

Finally, please do not visit us if you are showing any symptoms or if you have a cough, even if you think it maybe Hayfever.

We are all looking forward to seeing you again, and welcoming you through the doors!

Thank you.


Newsletter August 2020

BACK UP AND RUNNING…….. It has been lovely opening the doors again, and the last few weeks have been incredibly busy, so thank you to everyone who has visited us. Sorry if we didn’t immediately recognise you in your face masks, and the new hair-do’s have added a little to the confusion, however, usually the voice gives away your identity, confirming that it is so important to chat. Of course, many people are shielding, or not wishing to go out shopping so we continue to offer delivery or postal service, and also early morning appointments where you can shop alone. We will continue through August to close on Wednesdays, but expect to re-instate the full week in September.

WORKSHOPS & COURSES The honest answer to the question of when we will be able to offer workshops is, ‘we just don’t know’. We have everything crossed that we may be able to arrange some smaller classes in the Autumn but we are still unsure. The guidance is ever changing and it is paramount that everyone is safe. We begin to feel confident that we can proceed and then there is talk of another spike of the corona virus, so we put the brakes on again. At the moment we are planning the projects, and if we cannot offer classes, there will be the offer of the ‘Boxed Workshops’, delivered to your door. We have some amazing Christmas fabrics due in by the second week of August and we cannot wait to use them, so there will be lots on offer, and there are new kits to be launched in the next few days. If you want a project to do at home, please have a look at the kits on the website. There is a good choice for all abilities covering all sorts of techniques, so hopefully, there is something for everyone. If you can get to the shop, you will find even more to choose from, and there are kits for children too. We love to keep you busy, inspired and safe! Keep in touch and who knows, we could be stitching together very soon.


BLOCK OF THE MONTH Our first block of the month has been extremely well received, not surprisingly as it is all about a Snowman’s transformation into Santa Claus, made in applique blocks… both a favourite subject matter and technique. It can be made by hand or using a sewing machine, and is in four instalments. It is not too late to join, please contact us for more details or have a look on our website. We will be introducing another Block of the Month soon, ‘Granny’s Garden’, which is completely different, combining hand embroidery, paper piecing and patchwork blocks – very pretty. I think there is a joy having a Goody Box delivered every month, which takes me back to the anticipation of ‘ Jackie’, a comic delivered every week, fifty odd years ago. Strange how the mind works.

LINEN, LINEN & MORE LINEN. Just arrived are more linen panels, our favourite is the Mallard, and gorgeous fabrics with Beach huts, to go with the Nautical collection, and Mulberry Trees, These are perfect for bags and cushions. Ideas are coming thick and fast.


Looking for a unique texture in cool colors that goes with just about everything? It’s Winter Wool by Cheryl Haynes! These textures really look like wool, and the colors are spectacular. These
combinations of texture and colour are very rich… you can almost feel the warmth. This is a must-have basic that will add colour and depth to any project. Perfect for quilting and dressmaking, we are currently making up an appliqued pinafore dress.


Newsletter August 2020 Continued

SEWING MACHINES have been selling at unprecedented levels during Lockdown. Some people found that they had the time to pursue a long-promised hobby, others began by making face
masks and got the crafting bug. There were also parents at home with very creative children that they were happy to encourage. Whatever the reason, it has been so good to be busy, and also alarming how our stock room has emptied! New machines began to arrive this week so if you are thinking of making a purchase, please call in and take a look. We have knowledgeable ladies who all sew themselves, and can help and advise you. We have an excellent range of sewing machines and overlockers with prices to suit all pockets.

STOP PRESS…. New range of knitting and crochet yarns arriving soon

….Another competition to be launched early September
…. Our StashBuster Patterns will also be available soon
…. Fabulous Flannel Fabric Bundles available from 30 th July
…. PFAFF Machine Embroidery Workshops in a box, coming soon.