Pfaff Blindhem Foot

Pfaff Blindhem Foot


Pfaff Blind Hem Foot


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When someone tells you that hand stitching is no longer necessary to achieve prefect invisible hems, you jump up and down a little bit right??

Then (if you are anything like us) the sceptical side kicks in and says…..too good to be true?!!!!

Well I can tell you with absolute confidence that this foot gives you the ability to achieve amazing blind hem results! Use it to sew the elastic blind hem for an optional finish!

Still not convinced? Have a read of the instructions below and you’ll see how easy it is!  


How to use:

1.    Snap on the Blindhem Foot.

2.    Fold the edge in by the hem width.

3.    Unfold the hem again so that hem edge protrudes by about 1 cm.

4.    Position fabric so red edge guide runs along edge of folded hem.

5.    Use the needle position and the width dial to regulate the penetration of the needle in the crease.


TIP: If the stitch punctures are visible on the right side of the project, adjust red guide slightly using screw on right side of foot.



Compatible with  D E G J K Models

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