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Pfaff Coverlock 4.0

Product Ref: Pfaff Coverlock 4.0

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Product Description

Sew, trim, hem and more in a single step

Experience the new generation of Pfaff coverlock machines. Sew, trim, hem and more in a single step for a professional finish on all of your projects.

Anyone who has ever seen a coverlock machine in action will not want to be without one. Give your ideas the perfect finish. Create exclusive accents with decorative stitches – all this and more is available at your fingertips with the new generation of Pfaff coverlock machines. Open new horizons and discover.

The clean, sophisticated design is characteristic of the new Pfaff coverlock machines. Its origins lie in German tradition and combine high performance standards with modern form. Highest perfection and extra-large sewing space are waiting for you and your ideas.


Light or heavy, stretch or woven – a Pfaff coverlock machine offers the right stitch for every fabric. Durable seams, perfectly finished edges, professional hems, and decorative effects – everything is possible.


In one single step, a Pfaff coverlock machine stitches two fabric pieces together, trims the fabric edge, and finishes it – so quickly that it is a joy to watch. Electronic speed control guarantees full piercing power at all speeds.


Each fibre of fabric is caught thoroughly to prevent fraying. Perfectly even seams on every fabric, thanks to differential feed. No stretching or puckering. Adjustable settings for all types of fabrics and techniques.

LCD screen

  • Graphic touch screen – all necessary information for the selected stitch is shown.
  • Extended Info system - more information on the use of each stitch, right at your fingertips.
  • Multiple languages – choose and set your preferred language


  • Large sewing space – more space for coverstitch projects.
  • Extension table included – gives an extra large support for beautiful results.

5 threads

The 5 thread safety stitch sews a seam and finishes the edges in one operation.

2 threads

Be more creative by using decorative threads in the loopers.

Differential feed

2 sets of feed dogs in a row guarantee that the seam doesn`t pucker or stretch. This is especially important when working with fine fabrics like silk or viscose or with stretch fabrics like jersey. For a sophisticated touch, you can create wavy or gathered effects by reversing the differential feed settings.

Cover stitch

The professional stitch ideal for tee shirts and sweatshirts. The cover stitch is typically a double or triple needle effect on the right side and a perfect thread finish on the inside.

Look at the difference

Compare the zig zag stitch sewn by your sewing machine to the professional finish of the Pfaff Coverlock.......No comparison!!

All this and more

  • 25 stitches – trim, stitch, overcast and decorate projects in half the time.

  • Coverstitches – great for sewing elastic hems, perfect for finishing all kind of knitwear.

  • Chainstitch – Join fabric layers where a traditionally pressed open seam is required. Works well as a basting stitch.

  • 5-thread overlock – combines two stitches for durable and reliable seams.

  • 4-thread overlock – reinforced overlock stitch for perfect sewing, trimming and finishing.

  • 3-thread overlock – wide and narrow overlock seams and decorative techniques.

  • 2-thread overlock – rolled edge and flatlock, wide and na