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BabyLock Desire 3

Product Ref: Desire 3

£1865.00 each

Product Description

The BabyLock Desire3 is a combination overlock and cover stitch machine offering typical BabyLock comfort. It comes with an automatic thread delivery system that adjusts the thread tension for you.

Irrespective of the fabric and thread, the ATD system determines the length of thread that is required for the chosen stitch. Thanks to this individual adaptation the Desire3 always produces perfect seams and also allows safety stitching.

From the moment you get started you will see that changing from overlocking to coverstitching is childs play.

  • Jet Air Threading System
  • Sturdy Looper Channels with folding auxiliary looper.
  • Clearly arranged controls
  • Buit in accessory compartment.

Number of needles: 1 to 5

Number of threads: 5/4/3/2

Stitches per minute: 1500

Stitch Length: 0.75 to 4mm

Stitch width Overlock: 2 to 9mm

Stitch Width Coverstitch: 3mm or 6mm

Differential Feed: 0.6 to 2:1


Stitch Selection:

5 Thread safety stitch 16mm - To join and edge finish different types of fabric.

5 Thread safety stitch 12mm - To join and edge finish different types of fabric.

4 Thread Overlock - Strong Stitch to process different types of fabric.

3 Thread Overlock - Edge finish for different types of fabric.

Rolled Hem - Edge finish and decoration.

2 Thread Overlock - Thread saving edge-finishing stitch

2 Thread flatlock - Elastic stitch for stretchy fabrics

Satin Stitch - Decorative hem

Double chain stitch - Joining and decorative stitch

4 Thread cover stitch 6mm - Elastic cover stitch and fanciful decoartive effects.

3 Thread cover stitch 6mm - For hems and decorative effects.

3 Thread cover stitch 3mm - For hems, pintucks and decorative effects.