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Baby Lock Embellisher

Product Ref: Embellisher

£495.00 each

Product Description

To embellish means to decorative or to beautify. The Baby Lock Embellisher is thus a big temptation for the artists among us who love to express their creativity.

Felting by hand takes a lot of time and patience, the Embellishers twelve fixd needles are contained within a protective guard to minimise the risk of injuries. The needles are barbed so the different fabrics can be firmly connected without using any thread. Fairy wool or Merino wool are the typical aterials for felting. Pieces of Organza can be included to create amazig effects. But, of course, you can also use the Embellisher for almost any other type of fabric from Denim and Linen through to Silk.

Unlike wet felting, dry felting allows you to include small highlights here and there. The Embellisher helps you to conjure up patterns and images that are rich in detail. The materials are uniformaly and densely felted with minimal effort.

Accompanying yarns or decoartive ribbon yarns are a unique addition to inspire your creative freedom. The yarn is inserted down the centre of the needles and can be fixed on the basic material to your liking, just like quilting. Let your imaginationrun free with the Baby Lock Embellisher! There is nothing that could get in the way of even your most exceptional projects. Your individual felt applications and fancy decorations will make you and your little pieces of art the cenre of attention.


Number of Needles: 12

Change of Needles: Individually

Number of Threads: None

Stitches per Minute: 800